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Today it is more important than ever for young girls to have high self-esteem regarding their bodies, not just when they are in the middle of puberty, but before the onset. The beginning of sexual maturation is the ideal time for girls to learn about and appreciate all the amazing changes that are taking place within their bodies. Participation in the Cycle Show gives girls a healthy respect for their bodies so that they desire to value and protect their amazing reproductive system as they move into their teenage years.

                                                What Happens During a Cycle Show?
The Cycle Show illustrates to girls what is happening inside a woman’s body in a loving way with a respectful style using colorful materials, music and fun games.

In the first part of the workshop, the girls are introduced to the “equation of life” (sperm + egg = new life). The girls themselves take on the roles of hormones and experience how the Heralds of Spring (FSH), the Estrogen Friends, the Ovulation Helpers (LH) and Progesterone Team work in the body of a woman to create human life.

After gaining a basic knowledge of the actions of the hormones and seeing them as her friends, the second and main part of the workshop is focused on each girl understanding how these hormones act within her own body. She learns that with each cycle a new Luxury Suite (lining of the uterus) is prepared for a potential guest (baby) and if the guest doesn’t arrive (and shouldn’t for her until she is older) she will not worry about the loss of the luxury suite, knowing that each month her body prepares a new one because her healthy body can afford it.

Finally, the girls recognize fertility codes within their bodies, such as the ‘magic potion’ (cervical mucus). Menstrual hygiene options are discussed; girls are taught what to expect and how to manage their first bleed.

                                Guiding Star Cycle Show Workshop for Girls 9-13 years old

Why Cycle Show?
Like a theatre audience staring at the red curtains that frame an empty dark stage waiting for something to happen, many women in our society do the same for their menstrual period. They are completely unaware of what actually takes place in their bodies leading up to menstruation. We explain these events in an impressive behind the scenes show.

Language and Images Used
All language and images used within the workshop must come from the trademarked script supplied by the International MFM Project. The script is followed by all trainers to ensure that biological terms are always used simultaneously with positive images or comparisons and is respectful of the age and the innocence of the girls attending The Cycle Show.

Parent Presentation for parents of girls ages 9-13

Available exclusively through Guiding Star Project, What’s Going On In My Body? . The perfect complement to the Cycle Show workshop or guide for any parent of a daughter. 

Cost is $20 +S&H